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With the calculator below you can work out what would it cost you if you manage your logistics by us. Besides our Fulfillment Service you can also use our Carrier Service too. Results of our Calculator are informative, they are not considered as offers, the final price may vary from other factors. The prices shown include VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea behing Webshop Logistics or as it’s also known fulfillment is to outsource those activities involved to operate and run a webshop -including significant costs – to a complex Logistics Provider for them to manage these activites. This method’s profitability is not solely package quantity dependent. Webshops of different sizes can benifit from outsourcing the operating activities. Startup webshops can free up valuable time, energy and capacity which can then be turned towards acquiring more customers. On the other hand well established webshops may get rid of their own logistical spenditure and fixities.

In case your webshop engine is compatibile with our software, the connection can be up and running within days easy. When it comes to other or individually developed engines the process takes more time no question, but based on our API description any kind of integration is doable, let it be a single webshop or a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). Our collague’s knowlege and experience is the guarantee to find a way to integrate all the time, every time. Oh, did we mention integration comes without a fee?

Our company undertakes that those packages that arrive before 14:00 will be processed and packed the very same day so the are ready to be delivered to your customers the next day.

Our software provides up-to-date statusing both for processing and the current state of transporting. These informations can be traced real-time either from your webshop or through our Software.

We can deliver your domestic package front door within a 1-day period. As of now at us you can use the services of the Hungarian Post, DPD and Sprinter providers. Further more we can handle your orders with parcel-point delivery as well. We can pass your packages to any choosen country on the globe. Wait, it gets better! In Europe you can take advantage of accessing cash-on delivery and we can even provide GLS and DPD services for international orders too.

Transportation fee mainly depend on two things: quantity and weight. The number of packages and their cumulative weight dictate the prices and the amount of discount. Ask one of our kind collagues and with they will give you the exact and comprehensive information of costs and takes required at the time of inquiry.