About us


MXP Ltd. has began operations in 2012 as a company bringing holistic services in logistics to its customers. Our main profile is services in webshoplogistics, but we also offer conventional courier activities to our partners. Our Fulfillment Center and courier service is located in the 11th District in Budapest, where we serve our customers in a 1500 m2 storehouse with our own trasportation fleet and also with our third-party partners in Hungary and on the international markets as well.
Our line of weblogistics business offers an all-round service for our customers: we store their products, process and package orders and deliver them to the desired locations of the recipients. Our company undertakes same day processing and next day delivery to orders which arrive before 15:00. Our well qualified collagues are the guarantee to logistical processes of high quality. They are at service to you between 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

We delivers our packages within 1 day nationwide

Successful operation of our company is provided by knowlege gathered at multiple and multinational packagelogistics enterprises and the know-how of our third-party network. Addressees can pick up their domestic packages within 1 day through collective transportation or within 1-2 working days in case using our parcel-point delivery service.

We provide our customers with our own IT System

The stable and qualitative foreground to our services is guarantied by our in-house developed IT System. We created this software specifically to support webshoplogistical services according to the individual needs of our customers. It covers the complete logistic process starting from automatic onset of orders to courier delivery. We also provide API connection to it.
Our IT System is capable to connect to well-known webshop platforms or to individually developed webshops too if need arises. Synchronisation of orders happen in real-time. That way our collagues can start processing orders straightaway so customer service can happen as quick as possible. Our software tracks orders also in real-time hence customers are always up-to-date with stock movement and the state of orders.

Stockpile monitored by motion-sensor cameras 24/7

You can be sure that your stock is in safe hands by us. We operate a reception service, the whole premise is equipped with alarm system and our storehouse complies with all fire- and work safety standards and requirements. It is monitored by motion-sensored cameras 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Thanks to our innovative developments and dinamic growth, we served over 500.000 orders in 2020 and helped numerous webshops in their daily operations. Through sharing our experties in haulige, online trade, marketing and logistics we are not only helping our partners in the physical handling of orders but we also support them in growth and prosperity.

Our skilled collagues are at your service within office hours (from 8:00 to 17:00)

In our parcel logistics centre, our qualified customer service is ready to assist you by e-mail, phone or in person, in Hungarian or English.